Art and artists

We would be keen to take a digital image of any picture you may possess by these artists that relates to Benfleet, and indeed any artists not currently represented.  Equally, are you able to identify any of those in the "Unknown artists" section ?

Page link: Mary Bunce
Mary Bunce
Marine artist
Page link: Herbert Ivan Babbage
Herbert Ivan Babbage
A New Zealand artist
Page link: Alfred Bennett Bamford
Alfred Bennett Bamford
An Essex sketcher
Page link: William Bennewith
William Bennewith
Gifted amateur artist
Page link: May Bettany
May Bettany
Benfleet in black and white
Page link: May Bettany
May Bettany
Benfleet in Colour
Page link: Gladys Bingham
Gladys Bingham
A pre-war Carlton Studios illustrator
Page link: Louis Burleigh Bruhl
Louis Burleigh Bruhl
Prolific artist
Page link: Eric Challis
Eric Challis
A Southend artist
Page link: Hamilton Chapman
Hamilton Chapman
Artist Who Bridged The Nineteenth And Twentieth Centuries
Page link: C.W. Comerford
C.W. Comerford
Sketch in Essex Countryside
Page link: Albert James Connabeer
Albert James Connabeer
A painter and etcher
Page link: Francis Charles Coxon
Francis Charles Coxon
A mystery no longer
Page link: Vic Ellis
Vic Ellis
A talented marine artist
Page link: Joyce Frankson
Joyce Frankson
A Leigh artist
Page link: Robert Gallon
Robert Gallon
A landscape and coastal artist, whose work spanned two centuries
Page link: George William Hackshaw
George William Hackshaw
No longer a complete mystery
Page link: Elizabeth Hayklan (nee Cochrane)
Elizabeth Hayklan (nee Cochrane)
Artist with connections!
Page link: Doris Hearn
Doris Hearn
A local artist
Page link: W H Hill - Artist
W H Hill - Artist
A flock of sheep heading for Church Corner
Page link: G.E. Hobbs
G.E. Hobbs
Creekside view of Benfleet
Page link: Frank Hobden
Frank Hobden
A painter of national repute
Page link: Elizabeth Ireland
Elizabeth Ireland
New Contemporary Art 2013
Page link: H W King
H W King
Drawings of St Mary's Church in the 1840s
Page link: A.G. Langford
A.G. Langford
Pen and ink artist
Page link: Elsie P Langridge
Elsie P Langridge
The Life and Times of a Local Artist
Page link: Elsie P. Langridge R.D.S.
Elsie P. Langridge R.D.S.
An Inspirational Teacher
Page link: C. Lewis
C. Lewis
Benfleet cartoonist
Page link: Henry Martin Luyken
Henry Martin Luyken
The Architect artist
Page link: Will H Maile
Will H Maile
Resident of Benfleet
Page link: Will H. Maile
Will H. Maile
Local Artist
Page link: Henry Stacy Marks
Henry Stacy Marks
Sketches of Essex
Page link: Donald Maxwell
Donald Maxwell
Landscape artist
Page link: William Mecham
William Mecham
The lightning cartoonist
Page link: Tom Merry
Tom Merry
Pen name for William Mecham
Page link: Clifford G. Messiter
Clifford G. Messiter
Artist and graphic designer
Page link: Harold Mitchell
Harold Mitchell
Painter of Benfleet
Page link: Glyn H. Morgan
Glyn H. Morgan
Historian and illustrator
Page link: Laurie Newton
Laurie Newton
Leigh artist
Page link: Charles Archibald Nicholson
Charles Archibald Nicholson
Renowned church architect and local artist
Page link: A. Payne Esq
A. Payne Esq
Can you help?
Page link: Derek N Pegram
Derek N Pegram
An artist known for his limited editions of Essex scenes
Page link: H.J. Poole
H.J. Poole
Artist we know nothing about
Page link: Paul Sharp
Paul Sharp
Designer and illustrator for National Benzole
Page link: Paul Cranfield Smyth
Paul Cranfield Smyth
A prolific artist
Page link: John H (Jack) Seabrook
John H (Jack) Seabrook
Benfleet Artist and former Bank of England Messenger
Page link: Helen Stewart (nee Pickford)
Helen Stewart (nee Pickford)
Painting Benfleet in the 1940s
Page link: Iris Sugg
Iris Sugg
Paintings of Benfleet
Page link: Charles William Taylor
Charles William Taylor
Landscape engraver and watercolourist
Page link: Leonard Ward
Leonard Ward
A Sketch of the first UNICEF shop in Benfleet
Page link: Leonard Ward
Leonard Ward
South Benfleet 1929
Page link: Fred Whisstock
Fred Whisstock
Truly a renaissance man
Page link: Wigfull the artist
Wigfull the artist
An atmospheric and iconic image
Page link: S. Williams Esq
S. Williams Esq
Do you know anything about him?
Page link: Charles William Wyllie
Charles William Wyllie
Landscape and marine painter
Category link: Unknown Artists
Unknown Artists
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