Benfleet Mysteries!

We are always researching new topics and often we get part of a story but hit a dead end. In this category are two types of story:

  • Stories already on the site for which we would like more information.
  • Areas in which we are researching but do not have enough information to publish.

If you can help with either you can contact us by:

Whatever you know - no matter how little - is important to us. So please get in contact.

Anonymous Poet
Love and Hate
Art at the Council Offices
A Peep behind the scenes
Benfleet Brownies 1950's
Do you recognise anyone?
Benfleet Cricket Club in the 1960s
Social and Team Pictures
Benfleet Cricket Club Team 1925
Do you have any stories or pictures?
Benfleet Football Club
Can you help?
Benfleet Shops
What Was Here Before These Shops?
Benfleet Tennis Club
Do you have any stories or pictures?
Benfleet Windmill
Its probable fate
Bowers Gifford Golf Course
Did it re-open after the Second World War?
Church Hall/Salvation Army Hall
Do You Have A Photo?
Commander L. H. Wightman. R.N.V.R.
At rest in St. Mary Churchyard.
Dr. Tom Wilks
The Doctor on Horseback
Fancy Dress Party
Who's who ?
Francis Charles Coxon
A mystery no longer
Gamekeepers Cottage
Fernlea Road, Benfleet
George William Hackshaw
No longer a complete mystery
Home Guard Defences
Guarding Benfleet - World War II
Houseboat "Veronica"
Moored in Church Creek
Late Victorian Construction
Mystery ruins caught on film for the first time
Methodist Sunday School Group
Can you put names to faces?
Poynetts Farm
New House rises from the ashes
Salt Box Cottage, High Road
Do you know the history of Salt Box Cottage?
South Benfleet Volunteer Fire Brigade 1926
A new fire station for the Volunteer Brigade
St Mary's Church Bell Ringers
Can you put names to faces?
The Benfleet Hoymen
The Benfleet Hoymen - Hadleigh 1954
The Brown Family
In loving memory of my late husband Kenneth (Ken) Brown
The Class of 1954/5 Benfleet School?
Can you add names to faces?
The Tarpots Hall
We need your help
Turtella Dress Co. Ltd. Late 40s/early 50s
Corner of School Lane/Essex Way
Vikings come to Benfleet 1994?
Celebrating St Mary's Church
Warship Week 1942
An Appeal from the Bay Museum, Canvey Island
Who are they?
Where is the boat moored?