Hilltop Service Station - Bread & Cheese Hill

A motoring landmark from a bygone age
Richard Bowers
Hilltop Garage being demolished
Advert for Hilltop Service Station
Barnett Street Plan of Benfleet

Hilltop Service Station was located at the top of the main hill before the bend at the junction with Glen Road, a motoring landmark from a bygone age. The two people in the photo are George Miller, who owned the house and garage, and his son Ron, who was a very good friend of mine.  I spent many an hour there from around the early 1960’s to early 1970’s in fact it was a regular meeting place for us and all of our friends during our motorcycling days.

I believe the garage finally closed sometime in 1973 after the local council bought both the house and garage for road widening that eventually never happened. The garage was demolished not long after being sold and over time the site became overgrown with the house remaining boarded up until that was demolished many years later in the early 2000’s. I haven’t been up Bread & Cheese Hill for some years now and I believe houses are now built where the house and garage once stood but the place still holds many fond memories of my younger days.

[The advert for Hilltop Service Station was not part of the original article.  It was found by one of the BCA editors as part of a street plan of Benfleet, estimated to be from the late 1950s]

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  • Unsure where Ron lives now

    By Milky (07/04/2024)
  • Milky Price I remember you, we were at South Benfleet Primary together in fact I’m sure we started school at the same time in 1956. MissTaylor was our teacher that first year.
    I would like to meet up with Ron and/or Ian Miller ref Hilltop Service Station history and of course to reminisce.
    Do you happen to know their whereabouts ?

    By Richard Bowers (06/04/2024)
  • I remember Ron and Ian Miller well

    By Malcolm Price milky, (06/04/2024)

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