Benfleet Station Taxi Rank

From horses to horsepower

Taxi Cab 1920
John Downer collection
Taxi Cabs 1965
John Downer collection
Taxi Cabs 2010
Mike Day

This postcard from around 1920 shows the original taxi rank at Benfleet Station with horse drawn cabs.

This picture shows the advance by 1965.

And this picture from 2010 shows us now.

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  • My auntie’s partner, who used to live with her, was known affectionately to us as uncle Slim. His name was Slim Baker known by many in Benfleet and Canvey, they lived in Loten Road, Benfleet.  His taxi registration was AYK 254, it was a black Austin probably 14 or 16hp. He was tall and always wore a peaked cap, based at the station for many years. Unfortunately no pictures, also his mate I only knew as Bert.

    By Bill Hicks (20/12/2012)
  • I can remember cycling down to Benfleet Station to watch the trains and there was an old lady living in the level crossing house about 1973 who gave me and my friend a bar of Frys Chocolate Cream to eat. This house was demolished about 1978 I think, because it was still there when we did some super 8 filming in 77, as was the old signal box. The old station sign “Benfleet For Canvey Island” is seen in the film we shot.

    By Paul Fretwell (23/03/2012)

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