Aerial View of Tarpots Corner

Taken in 1987/1988

This photo of Tarpots corner shows the junction controlled by traffic lights before two mini roundabouts were put in. Later the roundabouts were removed and the traffic lights that are there now were installed.

The building at the bottom of the picture is where the Aldi store now stands. It is believed to have been a DIY superstore at that time – does anybody remember the name then?

Compare this photo with an earlier aerial view when Essex Carriers had their depot on the north east corner of the junction.


Aerial view of Tarpots corner looking towards the south west
Steve Johnson

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  • The DIY place (where Aldi now stands) was an Atlas Delivery / Lorry park until the 80’s, then it was a Do It All DIY store, then Pay Less DIY store (until the late 90’s maybe?) then Focus DIY store. Focus closed down around 2011. The building sat there derelict for 3 or 4 years. Then Aldi bought it, bulldozed it and built their current store (opened 2015).
    (To see this Comment in full, with photos, please go to this page “The Changing Face of Tarpots” )

    By KC (22/03/2020)
  • The person that attended the DIY shop opening, when was this please? The service station on the corner was called TEXACO, it was knocked downt 2008, flats are there now.

    By seamus (23/02/2019)
  • Hi Sorry but it never was a Texas, it was Pay less DIY originally…I remember the opening day, which was delayed by a bomb scare. At the time, I worked at S&D Hardware in the nearby Church Road Shops. I went from there to work at the nearest Texas Homecare which used to be at Stadium way, Rayleigh. Ironically there are two coaches from Supreme Coaches in the picture also, I went on to work for them also!
    Also before Pay Less DIY, the courier firm was Atlas Express.

    By Steve Smith (31/07/2018)
  • Macs cafe used to be next to the garage on the corner we had a massive garden! Now it’s all that building.

    By Leon King (29/12/2017)
  • Before the TEXAS store was built, the site was owned by Essex Carriers, a Haulage Company. I think they left and the store was built sometime in the 1960s

    By Linda Martin (17/01/2016)
  • Originally it was TEXAS,(the big one)70s to 80s, then Do it All, (Why do , do it all do it), then Pay Less.

    By Mat W (11/11/2015)

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