Queen's Coronation Fancy Dress at the ATC Hall, Tarpots

What Fun We Had

Mr Best used to organize all the social activities at the ATC Hall at Tarpots  It used to be where the Co-op is now.

Fancy dress, Rita Batchford as a gipsy, at back. Doreen Batchford, fairy. Janice Batchford as Buttercup.
Doreen Batchford
Group photograph of the fancy dress for the Queen's Coronation.
Doreen Batchford
Doreen again in fancy dress.
Doreen Batchford
A social get together at the ATC Hall Tarpots. Mrs Edna Batchford, rear row 2nd from Right. Janice Batchford 4th row from top 3rd from right. Trevor Best, 5th row from top 4th from left. John Chamberlain 5th row 3rd from left. Trevor Paine, 5th row 6th from left. Tony Butcher, left of Janice. Christine Butler, 5th row 4th from right. Stella Dodd, 5th row 9th from right. Linda Oxley 5th row. Doreen Batchford, 5th row 3rd from right. Sandra Best, Front row 4th from left. Mary Taylor, 5th row 1st from left.
Doreen Batchford

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  • Great photos. I have the originals as I used to live in Tarpots as a child. I am in 2 of these photos. My mum used to help out with her friend Mrs. Pelham. Great memories.

    By Sue Roberts (nee Carter) (30/11/2016)

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