Sid Cripps

A Local Wildfowler

Sid Cripps lived in a cottage on the Downs, close to the railway line and used a traditional punt in pursuit of wildfowl.  The cottage was condemned  and demolished by the council in 1962, much to Sid’s annoyance.  In protest he took to living in a water tank. If anyone can supply a photo of Sid or further information, it would be most welcome.

Sid Cripp's cottage with "Rayview" in the background (c. 1962)
Ron Webster

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  • The house at the top right was my house, 72 St. Mary’s Road …..Sid Cripps used to let myself and Janet Pyrah train and ride the steers that he kept in
    his fields ……such good times!

    By Jacqueline Bowman , née Astle (07/01/2022)
  • I remember Sid when I was young he worked for my family and was very highly thought of, a great character and a tremendous hard worker loved a drink. He gave me a pinch of snuff when I was 6 and laughed when I winced, I always remember he used to come to work in morning and say get to work my son, he used to drive to the railway pub on the tractor. My father John Cook used to join him with my grandfather Jim, they had quite a time I could go on with stories for ever, I loved him

    By Nicky cook (06/05/2020)
  • I knew Sid (1960-63). I worked for the Cook family (Farmers). They had cattle grazing around Sid’s cottage, and he used to do casual work with us. He liked his pint of beer and would tell us about his army days in Panama. During the winter of 1962/3 I used to take a trailer load of hay to the cattle around Sid’s cottage, 3 times a week. Around 1962 Sid moved to Marsh Farm, Station, Lane, Pitsea – another of the Cook family’s farms. I used to spend one day a week working there with him, and his wife would do dinner for us both in their cottage.

    By Alan Newitt (09/12/2012)
  • I lived in “Rayview” from 1943 until I joined the RAF in 1955. Sid Cripps was an ex guardsman and as a boy I used to help him with the hay making every year. My father was warden of the “Downs” and I believe the house “Rayview” came with the job but I now believe it is privately owned.

    By Rex Tyler (27/12/2011)

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