A. Payne Esq

Can you help?

We know that A Payne was male, but that is all we know. We can guess that he was a golfer, as three out of four paintings that we know of, relate to Boyce Hill and the golf club.

Information welcome…

Church from Church Creek
View from Boyce Hill
Boyce Hill Farm/golf clubhouse
The Eighteenth hole, Boyce Hill

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  • Unfortunately not…apparently all his works were signed  A E Payne. The ones we know of are signed A P.

    By Mark Thres (03/04/2014)
  • There was a local painter from Canvey, Albert Payne, who has now passed away but his wife Margaret Payne runs the Canvey Heritage Centre and has many of his paintings on display. It could possibly be him? 

    By Carolyn Blake (25/03/2014)

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