C. Lewis

Benfleet cartoonist

This cartoon is taken from¬†“The Benfleet, Canvey and District News”¬† of November 1921. Does anyone have any information regarding the cartoonist, Mr C. Lewis ?

Sense of humour..1920s style
C. Lewis

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  • Charlie Lewis had a Sweet Shop next to my father’s (V.A. Barnes, 95 High Road, South Benfleet).  I think Charlie’s number was 97, although there was a tiny shop in between both our shops.  I remember him well, serving sweets from a jar and rolling part of a newspaper into a cone where he would pour the sweets into.  A Jolly Gentle Man always wearing  Tanny/Brown long shop coat.  Charlie got on very well with my father, as they were both Cartoonists. I don’t ever remember Mrs. Lewis, but there was a son, but I can’t remember his name at the moment…

    By Roberta Jones nee Bobbie Barnes (30/03/2014)

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