Charles William Taylor

Landscape engraver and watercolourist

Charles William Taylor (1878-1960) was a landscape engraver and watercolourist. He taught at the School of Art in Southend and lived in Ramuz Drive, Westcliff-on-Sea. Retired to Findon in Sussex.

Church Corner, Benfleet in 1921
Charles William Taylor
Benfleet, 1913
Benfleet - a copperplate engraving

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  • David – I understand that the idea of restoring Church Creek has been raised before. While the Archive cannot make that happen, it can provide you with a further Taylor picture to enjoy…

    By Mark Thres (15/08/2011)
  • Taylor would have been standing in what is now the car park. Of course, the two central buildings have long gone, and others sprung up where the horse trough is, so this viewpoint is lost forever. But there is the potential for another view, in my opinion a much finer one, from down by the railway bridge looking up the hill, but this is obscured by a surfeit of street furniture and some sycamore and ash which has been allowed to infest the banks of the old Church Creek. 

    This Conservation Area has enormous, untapped potential. Many’s the time I’ve thought how wonderful it would be to flood Church Creek again and moor a sailing barge up there! (There’s the old SB Scone sitting in Bridge Boats, looking for some TLC and a new berth!)

    By David Hurrell (06/08/2011)

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