Derek N Pegram

An artist known for his limited editions of Essex scenes

As far as we know Derek produced just the one Benfleet image , so any information or other Benfleet illustrations would be most welcome.

Hoy and Helmet, post 1922

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  • Hi Kim,
    Thanks for getting in touch. I have added your comment to the article. Perhaps someone in the community will know more about them. Is there any chance you could send me copies to add to the article, please?

    Many thanks,

    Pam J. Bird-Gaines

    By Pamela Gaines (03/07/2023)
  • Hi I’m from Australia I found 2 prints of Derek N. Pegram however there is limited information on his print or the times they were created one is of the Chantry print 265/750 and the other is of an antique shop front building 79/300 any information would be great thank you

    By Kim (03/07/2023)

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