Gladys Bingham

A pre-war Carlton Studios illustrator

Gladys Ellen Bingham (nee Mitchell ), born 30/12/1907, died 13/4/1987.  Worked as an illustrator for the well known Carlton Studios in London. Married Walter Francis Pearson Bingham and at first rented “Kent View” in Oakfield Road, later buying a bungalow in Lime Tree Avenue.

The Carlton Studios were a well known ad agency in 30s London.   Examples of their work can be found on the internet, so I will just mention a couple.  The beer advert (1935) was “a cheery illustration for a trade book – an almost vorticist take on a bartender and beer bottles”.

A and C Black published in the period 1901 – 1921 their twenty shilling colour books ( 92 of them in all) and the cover designs were mostly the work of A.A. Turbayne and his colleagues at Carlton Studios … many of them sporting the CS monogram of the firm.

The skill of the workforce was such that artists like Gordon King were happy to endorse their expertise, “I went to study life drawing at Reading University Art School, then trained as a figurative illustrator at the prestigeous Carlton Studios in London.”

Pictures, photos and information courtesy of Frances Drewe.

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  • Hello Janet (Stevenson), I remember Frances, and Gillian Bingham through my membership of the Young Socialists. Frances was married as I recall to Bob, and they lived in a flat on the front at Chalkwell. I think Gillian married an accountant, and lived in Clarence Road at one time in the 70s or 80s, on the odd numbered side of Clarence Rd between Thundersley Rd and Cumberland Rd, I hope that makes sense.

    By Christopher Davis (29/01/2017)
  • As a child I remember Mrs Bingham, as Frances Bingham was one of my best friends at school. I remember playing in the field at the end of Lime Tree Avenue, building camps with the hay bales. I lost contact with Frances when my family moved from Essex to Kent in 1958. Reading about Mrs Bingham has brought back so many memories,(very happy ones) of my childhood in Benfleet. 

    By Janet Pain nee Stevenson (04/05/2012)

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