Leonard Ward

South Benfleet 1929

This picture originally appeared on the website under the heading of ‘Unknown Artist’.

In the case of “South Benfleet 1929”, thanks to Ralph’s comment and clearer signatures, we now believe the artist to beĀ Leonard Ward. However we are still looking for confirmation, so anything by way of biographical information would be great. We at least know that the artist was keen on Benfleet.

South Benfleet, 1929

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  • I have two prints of Ledbury signed by Leonard Ward. They are beautifully sketched in rather unusual pen and ink work and came from a calendar featuring his artwork, which also had pictures of other old townscapes including Canterbury and Rye. The calendar was sent to my grandpa in the late 1950s. Leonard Ward had been a pupil of his at Bradford Grammar School.
    Sally, could this Leonard have been your grandfather?

    By Meg Parkes (14/11/2023)
  • There was an art editor at TV Times in the late 1950s and 1960s called Leonard Ward, although his signature was a lot different. Are they one and the same?

    By Glenn (14/11/2023)
  • I have 4 pencil drawings of Benfleet pubs, St Mary’s Church, and the Lobster Smack on Canvey. All are signed and numbered
    Are they worth anything?
    Regards Stuart Riches

    Good Morning Stuart, I would suggest, perhaps take them to a local art dealer, or auction house, for an opinion. If you could send the archive photos of them, I could put them up and see if anybody can help. Pam J. Bird-Gaines [Ed.]

    By Stuart Riches (07/11/2023)
  • Hi, I have a pencil framed drawing by Leonard Ward of Benfleet Anchor Pub and war memorial I think it was it is from the 60s as there is a Unicef shop next to the pub which moved a long time ago. On your page more information was wanted about Leonard ward. Regards Pauline Willis.

    By Pauline Willis (18/03/2021)
  • Is Leonard Ward from England? I just discovered a painting in an old attic. It is signed by him, and one in a matching frame but no signature is visible on the second one. Its a family crest.

    By Mary (08/09/2020)
  • I have two pictures one The Stour, Canterbury and Rye, Sussex, both signed pen and ink.

    By Diane Morris (14/01/2019)
  • I have a question for Sally. I recently purchased a “Caricatures by Len Ward” folder with the caricature being an older gentleman smoking a cigarette. It has “Hi Sport!” and the name “Ward” written on it. Could this be your relative? If so, could you offer a little bit about him?

    By Carolyn (21/09/2018)
  • I am a relative of the artist and the signature is Leonard Ward, hope this helps.

    By Sally (04/04/2018)
  • I am guessing that the last picture titled South Benfleet 1929 is a coloured in print from a pen & ink sketch, as I have three framed prints by the same artist, that I picked up from Sadlers Farm boot sale a few years back. Mine aren’t coloured in and like yours the surname is hard to decipher. Mine are titled “The Hoy and Helmet, High Street, South Benfleet”, “St Mary’s Church, South Benfleet” & “The Anchor Inn and War Memorial, South Benfleet”. The titles are all in the same Calligraphy as yours, but the subjects all appear to be quite a lot later than your picture. In the Anchor picture, part of the building, which is now all part of the pub, there is a sign saying “Unicef Shop”. So if anyone can remember the Unicef Charity Shop being there we may be able to date it. All I can say is Unicef didn’t start in the UK until 1956, but from the style of lamp posts I think these pictures depict 60’s or 70’s

    By Ralph (11/03/2016)
  • The above comment by Ralph has been brought to my notice as we were researching a picture which has recently been brought into our 2nd Time Around in aid of UNICEF Charity shop at 221 High Road, Benfleet. It was interesting to us as it showed the first charity shop I started to raise funds for UNICEF in 1977/78.

    The signature on our print looks like Leonard Wood and it is 58/100, signed in two places.

    I hope this is of interest. 

    By Diana Hawkins (11/03/2016)

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