Houseboats galore

Benfleet Creek and Church Creek 1920 - 1970

The nostalgia that past houseboat owners feel for their floating homes has evoked all sorts of memories, some of which have already been recorded for the Archive. I am keen to include as many experiences as possible, so if you have information to add or  stories to tell or photos to share, please get in touch by emailing us  or by leaving your contact details at Benfleet Library.  In the meantime I hope you enjoy this small selection of photos…..don’t forget to click on the pictures to increase their size.

Benfleet Creek east of bridge (1951)
from the Kean collection
Dauntless Yard (1965)
from the Kean Collection
"Ma Penichie" on the saltings adjoining the Dauntless Yard (1965)
from the Kean Collection
from the Kean Collection
from the Kean Collection
"Vange," later the "Da Vinci"
from the Kean Collection
"Sans souci"
"Persecuted" of London (c. 1961)....there must be a story there ! I have subsequently been informed that this was occupied by Ted Heaney...
Houseboats in Church Creek - photo taken from the top of St Mary's church tower (1961)
Gilbert Wines
Hugh Falkus's home in the 1920s/1930s
Houseboats in Benfleet Creek

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  • I was born May 1953 and we lived on house boat Maureen in church creek, Benfleet. My mother was Dorathy Cripps and my father was Arthur King, my Nan Mrs Browne had a tea boat there and my Uncle Bill or Fred Payne used to ferry passengers back and forth to Southend pier.

    By Dulecia King (29/01/2013)

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