The 'Scone', when owned by Steve Mallett

With reference to your website and the ”Scone”.

Peter Wilder’s reminiscences about his time in Scone are excellent. I have met up with him and his wife, Pamela, at Benfleet recently.

Just for the record… I re-rigged the Scone with the help of my wife in 1977/79. When I bought her she was an un-rigged hull having previously been a houseboat for a while. Prior to that she was trading as a commercial motor barge.

I was mate of her for a short while in 1969  when she was commercial and Peter then shipped as mate as recorded in his memoirs.

When I sold her she was laid up in ‘winter trim’, ie spars and standing rigging in place and all the running rigging and sails stowed below.

Everything was neatly stowed and labelled.

The pictures are of Scone racing during my ownership, this would be 1981 or ’82.

The Scone racing on the River Orwell
Steve Mallett
The Scone racing on the River Orwell
Steve Mallett

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  • I can confirm that the Scone had luxury furniture from the Mauritania when Clare and David owned it . The scone was a magnificent boat at that time . Everything Libby stated is true .

    By David Sheldon (25/06/2023)
  • I worked on the Scone during my degree as a waitress when it was a restaurant, during 1992-1995 or so in London Docklands. The leather seats were indeed from the Mauritania! It was a beautiful boat, owners were lovely and cared for it well at that time. Clare Hunter and David Ireland owned it but they started a family and had to move to somewhere bigger. We sailed it round to Maldon (where I was born) to have some work done and shortly after it was sold. I think that’s where it all went downhill in terms of care – very sad 😞

    By Libby (23/08/2022)
  • Hi Andy Walkden,
    A lot of water under the bridge. Looking back I should have taken a year out and carried on with Scone. Maybe she would have still been sailing. Sadly she fell into the hands of well intentioned people who didn’t really understand how much maintenance and specialist skills were involved in running a wooden sailing barge.Your sponsorship was invaluable and we will always appreciate what you did for us. I’m still working a few days a week on other barges having retired from the treadmill of being Skipper on Motor Coasters.

    By Stephen Mallett (20/11/2020)
  • Hi Susan Bailey, There is a very good book written by one of Scone’s old sailing skippers, Harry Bagshaw. ‘Coasting Sailorman’. Published by Chaffcutter Books,
    ISBN 0 9532422 0 X.
    I believe it is out of print but copies do come up on Ebay etc. try the publishers, they are very helpful.
    brgds Steve Mallett

    By Stephen Mallett (20/11/2020)
  • Hi Steve,
    I have found this true life story so enjoyable, what a lovely barge. I was born in Bowers Gifford and my great grandad had a barge called Jumbo down at the creek 1937, this has brought all your lovely stories to me. I would like to know more. Can you recommend any good reads. Scone is so lovely.

    By Susan Bailey (23/09/2020)
  • Hi Steve
    Many happy memories of Barge matches on Scone with you in the early 80’s. Preedcretes sponsorship meant many of our customers and friends shared in the enjoyment. Sad to see the recent pictures of her.

    By Andrew Walkden (10/05/2020)
  • Hi Stephen,

    I managed to contact Diana Craigie, a lovely lady who gave me some history of the time that she had the Scone. She purchased it from David & Clare Hunter whom I’m trying to contact. Do you recall who you sold it too please as I believe there may have been an owner between yourself and The Hunters.

    By Kevin Smith (07/11/2019)
  • Thank you Steve for replying. I heard that Diane Craigie, the photographer owned the boat at some stage. Do you know if Diane is still about please? Or do you know of any later owners?

    By Kevin Smith (04/10/2019)
  • Oak and leather seating ex ‘Mauritania’. This certainly wasn’t a feature aboard ‘Scone’ during my period of ownership. I did hear that the subsequent owner fitted something similar, but like all antiques I would really check it’s provenance .

    By Steve Mallett (29/09/2019)
  • I have been asked to help sell an oak and leather seating unit used in the Scone and would love to learn more about its history. I’ve been told by the widow of the owner, Martin King, that it may have come from the Mauritania.

    By Kevin Smith (28/09/2019)

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