Norman Brooks and no. 73 Vicarage Hill

An example of 1960's modernist architecture

Norman William Tudor Brooks, born 1938 in Wycombe,  is a renowned Essex Architect with an architectural practice on Canvey.  The Glebe development on  Vicarage Hill consists of six detached modernist houses designed by Norman, of which No. 73 is the first one on the left as you ascend the hill.   There are examples of his domestic architecture scattered throughout Essex and as an example of his civic designs, the Queens Theatre  in Hornchurch has recently celebrated it’s  fiftieth birthday.

The Royal Institute of British Architecture defines Modernism as the single most important new style or philosophy of architecture and design of the twentieth century, associated with an analytical approach, the function of buildings, a strictly rational use of modern materials and an openness to structural innovation and the elimination of ornament.


Estate agent's advert for No. 73 from 1966
Glebe site plan with No. 73 highlighted. To enlarge the image click on the plan.
no. 73 exterior view
Dr May
no. 73 Exterior view
Dr May
no. 73 Interior view
Dr May
no. 73 garden view
Dr May
Queen's Theatre, Hornchurch

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  • Didn’t realise Norman Brooks designed these. We were reasonably friendly in our v. late teens/early 20s on Canvey, before I left the area. I came back in 1963, and around 1968 went to look at one of these houses, but couldn’t afford it!

    By Miall James (20/04/2019)

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