Photo linked to comment - Howards Dairies in Thorpe Bay c 1910

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Supplied by Paul Watson

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  • Jim, I examined some images I have for the top architecture of the former Howards Dairies building and the carved letters could well be ‘H C H’ overlaid and 1913 below them. However, the listings of VAD Hospitals that I have for that period, do not list the name you have offered just The Glen and The Hamilton Home that was at No 189 Eastern Esplanade?

    By Paul Watson (03/09/2021)
  • Thanks guys – my comments are largely speculation so if anybody has better information it is very welcome.

    By Paul Watson (03/09/2021)
  • Your date for this is too early. 198 Eastern Esplanade (Fritz’s Store) owned by my grandfather burnt down in 1914 and your picture shows the rebuilt building. I would guess this is from the late 1920s, given the art deco building also shown.

    By Ned Newitt (03/09/2021)
  • This building was Hampton Convalesence Home. During WW1 it was a VAD hospital. The Glen, also a VAD hospital, was in Southchurch Road on corner of Southchurch Avenue.

    By Jim Sanctuary (10/07/2017)

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