Norwood Drive VE Day Street Party

50th Anniversary Celebrations 8th May 1995

VE Day is not an annual public holiday because of the proximity of the May Day bank holiday on the first Monday in May.  In 1995 and 2020 the bank holiday was moved from the preceding Monday to the  8th of May to commemorate the 50th and 75th anniversaries of VE Day, respectively.


Norwood Drive VE Day Street Party
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  • Dear Celia,

    Thank you for adding your memories to our Site.

    Kind Regards,

    Pamela J. Bird-Gaines

    By Pamela Gaines (25/07/2023)
  • I lived in Norwood Drive. I have the honour of being the first baby born in the street. My brother Michael was born 11 months after me. My parents moved into their new home in April 1954. They paid the princely sum of £1874. 7s. 6pence with central heating included.My early childhood seemed idealic to me playing out on summer, days spent up The Warren, finding treasure in the woods. We lived in no 24. Next to us no 20 we’re the Browns, next door but one no 26 we’re the OBriens, no 28 The Rendalls. 30? 32 was
    the German lady who was a piano teacher. A girl named Linda lived at the bottom of the road I think that no 10 the Parfitts lived. Across the road was uncle Fred (Wallace) with his 2 daughters, then the Nelsons, Claire Brown lived just past us the road was lit by gas lights.

    Celia Slate

    By Celia Slate (25/07/2023)

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