Demolition of Tilbury Power Station's chimneys

Demolished 8 am Thursday 28th September 2017

The chimneys of Tilbury Power Station have been a familiar part of our skyline. On Thursday 28th September 2017 at 8 am the two chimneys of the Tilbury Power Station were demolished. At 170 m each they were the tallest structures in Essex. They were built in 1969 and took under 10 seconds to be demolished..

The lady’s voice you can hear on the video is a local resident whose father had worked on building the chimneys.


Tilbury Chimneys just before demolition
Phil Coley
Tilbury chimneys falling
Phil Coley
Tilbury after the demolition
Phil Coley

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  • Excellent video Phil and Christine.  I worked there for almost 40 years; it’s slightly sad to see it being gradually demolished but that’s progress for you.

    By Frank Gamble (29/09/2017)

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