Snowdrifts In Benfleet Recreational Park

March 2013

The arrival of spring!

After a cold winter season with early snow in December 2012, spring finally arrived on Tuesday 5th March with temperatures up to 18 degrees! But only a week later the ‘Beast From The East’ returned with a windchill of ┬áminus 6 and heavy snowfall all day on Monday 11th and through the night of the 12th.

Commuters battled their way to the station in Benfleet and through snowdrifts in weather that more resembled the arctic!

Lonely Figure Battles The Weather In Spring 2013
Adam Poulton (c) 2013

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  • Just a light sprinkle, I always thought 1962 – 63 had the edge, though 1947 was, as I recall, somewhat chilly.

    By Colinmac (13/03/2013)
  • Yes I agree, although wasn’t born only from what I have seen on tv and pictures but even that thawed by March, which is more my point of the photo rather than the amount.

    By Adam Poulton (13/03/2013)

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