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That Thundersley seed progresses

The youngest Garnham in the World was born yesterday, 10th May 2017. Leah was born to Belinda and my son Michael in Sandton, Johannesburg. For any ladies reading this she was 3.3Kg and born by Caesarian Section.

Of course the Hospital visit reminds me of my experience whilst living in Thundersley. I contracted Scarlet fever which attacked my ears and I was hospitalised – I don’t remember where but recall the blue night lights in a large ward and a rather obnoxious girl who felt she was in charge of the ward. We were given toys from a Charity or similar. One toy was mislaid and this budding detective took it upon herself to interrogate us all and search the lockers. The highlight of the visit was however a bath to be given me by a nurse. The water was run and I was placed in the bath…………..only to be forgotten! I sat there like a good little boy and did not make a sound. (if I was bathed by a young nurse today it would be a different story!) I remember a commotion, presumably because a young patient was missing, and eventually I was found still sitting motionless in a bath of very cold water.

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  • After that long cold bath it’s surprising there was ever any seed at all !

    By John Garnham (12/05/2017)

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