Summer Holidays in St Osyths - 1950's

It took a whole day to get there.

The Batchford family would have three weeks in the summer time at St Osyths near Claction, but Dad would only stay for one week, he went to work the other two weeks.

Also see Sidney James Batchford

Our summer holiday in Clacton
Description of how the family got to Clacton by coach.
Three weeks holiday in Clacton.
It was unusual for a family to have three weeks holiday in the Summer.

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  • Crikey I remember Mrs Ransome (or Char, as she was known by my parents). We used to stay in a caravan in St. Osyth as well and sometimes met up with her and her family while we were there.

    By Christine Lewis ( nee) Rowcliffe (22/12/2018)
  • The caravan we used to go to in St Osyth was owned by Mrs Ransome who owned the haberdashery shop in Tarpots, sometimes they would take us in their Vanguard.

    By Janice Anderson (nee) Batchford (20/07/2012)

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