Methodist Sunday School Group

Can you put names to faces?

So far about half have been identified, starting with far right we have from the front going back   –    Amy Cox, Myrtle Coles, Freda Gage, Anne Cox…Laurie Gage (2nd from right in front row), Cyril Gage (third from right, front row, Catherine Coles has her hand on Cyril Gage’s head, first on the left, sitting, is Dorothy Pickett, Kenneth Gage and Colin Dennis are next to Dorothy in the front row.  In the back row third from the right is Audrey Bone, a Sunday school teacher.

Thanks to George Faux for the photo and John Downer and Mary Hopkins for identifying ten of the group. Our thanks to Maggie Howard  for adding a further 3 names in the comments below.

Methodist Sunday school group, circa 1945/46

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  • Pat Taffs is sitting fourth from the left, according to my mum Joyce Howard (nee Wilson) who is standing fourth from the left, with her hand on the shoulder of Colin Dennis.  Joan Hart is standing central in pale coloured  jacket.

    By Maggie Howard (02/05/2015)
  • With the help of Mary Hopkins (nee Barnard) here are some names in this photograph.  Mary is not in the picture as she was still away training to be a nurse.  

    On the right hand side going towards the top of the picture is Amy Cox, then Myrtle Coles, Mrs Freda Gage and Mrs Anne Cox

    The person in the school cap and ill fitting jacket is Laurie Gage and his father, Cyril Gage, is to his right.  Catherine Coles has a hand on Mr Gage’s head.   On the extreme left sitting on the ground is Dorothy Pickett.  To her immediate left is, we think, Kenneth Gage and to his left Colin Dennis.

    It will be interesting to see if any other names can be remembered.

    By John Downer (27/01/2014)

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