Iris Sugg (nee Knightley)

Family and friends etc

Images reproduced on this site with the kind permission of Iris Sugg.

Iris and sister Doris
Swimming party - from left to right :Reg Eatwell, Sally Bass, Iris, Reg Argent, Doris,Doris Chappell, Bob Biggs
Wedding day - from left to right :Edmund Sugg, Elizabeth Sugg, bridesmaid, Eric Kemp (best man), Ed Sugg, Iris Sugg, Betty Midler, Mrs Knightley, Len Mc Cowell (uncle)
Doris and Sally Bass down by the creek
Bill Nunn
Nunn & Hart
Cliff Hart
Benfleet's pride and joy...driven by Ted Land...financed by Shepherd
The new ambulance
Outing to Walton-on-the-Naze organised by Doris and Gerald Grant who owned several newsagents in the area(F C Knightley). The outing was for staff and friends. From left to right : Don Anderson, Kit Anderson, Unknown, Mick French, Doris French,Moira French, Mary Grant (now Twelvetrees), Gladys Wyatt and fifth from the right is Doris Grant Edna Quilter second from right, Mrs Brown (houseboat dweller)sixth from right. Gerald Grant is the lower of the two men on the bus steps. Thanks to Mary Twelvetrees for most of the names.
Sweet Briar farmhouse (1960)
Iris in later years
Evening Echo

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  • I’ve been researching the Knightly family tree for over 25 years and it’s always interesting to find new photos of the family.

    By Ron J Knightly (24/06/2012)
  • What a shock to see the picture of my mother, Doris Chappell. I believe my sister Celia has a similar picture.

    By Susan Cutting (11/03/2012)
  • Photograph of Iris Sugg’s Wedding

    I am the young bridesmaid! My name was then Mary Grant and I am Iris’s niece. 

    Photograph of Coach Outing

    That was to Walton-on-the-Naze and it was an outing organised by my parents Doris and Gerald Grant who owned several Newsagents in the area.(F.C.Knightley). The outing was for staff and friends. The first two people on left are Don and Kit Anderson (friends) not sure who is next, then yes Mick French and on his shoulder Doris French and THEN Moira French. In front of them is me, Mary Grant with Gladys Wyatt. My father is just in the coach doorway and my Mother is fifth from right. I will check other names.

    By Mary Twelvetrees (16/05/2011)

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