The Bardell Family

A family that worked for Essex County Council

Many members of the Bardell family worked for Essex County Council. On this page we have several pictures, but for pictures of Albert Bardell and his crashed steam roller click here, for more details see Bertie Bardell’s Memories of Benfleet ,and Bertie Bardell’s Second World War as an RAF navigator.

Alf Bardell who worked out of the Essex County Council depot at Rayleigh, with the wartime rescue vehicle that may have been needed following air raids.
Bertie Bardell
Frank Bardell (brother to Alf) with his Essex County Council lorry at the bottom of Vicarage Hill
Bertie Bardell
Frank Bardell with work colleagues outside the White Hart Public House before they set off on a works outing date unknown.
Bertie Bardell
Bertie Bardell during World War II. However Bertie Bardell joined the Airforce in 1942, he had designs on being an ace pilot and bucked his family trend of working for Essex County Council.
Bertie Bardell

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  • Eileen Gamble had memories of my aunt Dorothy Dunger, the music teacher, who lived in Raymonds Drive. 

    I am researching my family history and would love to hear any stories about Dorothy. Unfortunately, I only met her once towards the end of her life so anything she can remember of Dorothy I would be really grateful to have.

    By Mary Armour (01/11/2011)
  • We moved into Langford Crescent,Thundersley over fifty years ago, and at the time a Mr.& Mrs. Bardell lived a few doors away. I believe Mr. Bardell worked for the local council and Mrs. Bardell was a houskeeper for Miss Watson who lived next door to us and was a school teacher at the local school. 

    For a while we shared a phone party line with the Bardell’s { S.B.3100 }. I am wondering if there is a family connection with the Bardell’s in the article.

    By Ian hawks (08/09/2011)
  • It was not until I read your comment that I remembered Miss Watson, who was my teacher at Thundersley School in the late 1950s. I visited Miss Watson’s house on many occasions with my mum, who knew her quite well.  I recall that she had a lady who helped her with housework etc.  I remember I used to think that Miss Watson must have been very rich. 

    We sometimes called in to Miss Watson en route to my piano lesson in Raymonds Drive. The lady who taught me piano was Miss Dorothy Dunger and she lived right at the top of the road on the left-hand side. She was quite a stern woman who insisted on being addressed as Miss Dunger, never Dorothy. She kept a wooden stick in a jar on top of the piano. If your attention strayed during a lesson she would take the stick and smack it quite sharply several times on the mantle-piece, whilst shouting ‘pay attention, pay attention’. 

    My parents had friends in Thundersley Park Road (we lived in Hill Road) called Molly & Harry Matthews. Harry worked for Benfleet Council and I remember he used to visit one of his friends from work who lived in Langford Crescent. So I think this may well be the same family.

    By Eileen Gamble (08/09/2011)

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