Vic Barnes Christmas Cartoons

Greetings from the Falkland Islands

Vic Barnes and his family had a shop in the High Road in the 1950s and 60s.  He was a larger than life, friendly character known by all.   A page on this site tells of some of his exploits.

Vic was an accomplished cartoonist and the cartoons on this page were drawn by him and sent home to England when he was stationed in the Falkland Islands. The exact dates are unknown but Vic’s initials appear at the bottom of the drawings.

Jackie, Vic’s daughter, has kindly allowed us to copy them for use on this site.


Courtesy of Jackie Barnes
Courtesy of Jackie Barnes
Courtesy of Jackie Barnes
Courtesy of Jackie Barnes

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  • My Father served with Vic Barnes in Force 132 in the Falkland Islands from mid 1942 to early 1945.
    My Father was a Corporal Electrician and I have photos of them there.
    I have a cartoon record of Force 132 still in good condition. Bernard Crosweller

    By Bernard Crosweller (10/02/2019)
  • Another year has passed and it’s great to read Penny Black’s comments !  I remember her parents Len & Jessie Black so well as they ‘were there’ for my mum Yvonne just after my father passed away…Thank you for your comments Penny !!.x

    By Bobbie (Roberta) Barnes-Jones (06/05/2015)
  • It’s lovely to read about some old memory’s, my mother and father Len and Jessie Black had the greengrocers opposite the police station, does anyone remember it ? 

    By Penny Black (19/03/2015)
  • This is lovely to see all those wonderful pictures that my father created.  Son Jon, was very close to my father and they were great friends.  Jackie is my older sister and mum was Yvonne.

    By Bobbie (Roberta) Barnes-Jones (28/02/2014)
  • I’m Vic’s oldest grandson & the owner of my grand fathers full set of cartoons he did in the Falkland Islands during WW 2 – I will be posting on this site sometime future. Thank you so much for keeping my grand parents memories alive 🙂

    By Jon Barnes-Jones (27/02/2014)

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