Plans of New Police Station - October 1957

High Road, Benfleet

Does anyone have more detailed information or pictures they may wish to share?

Before the new police station was built the local constabulary was based at the police houses at Cemetery Corner.

It is thought that the house built to the southern side of the police station was at one time used to accommodate a police officer and his family.  It has not been used for this purpose for a long time.

These plans show a parade room (where officers would be briefed before they went out on patrol) downstairs. For many years the parade room was upstairs, running east from the recreation area over the oil storage and garage, until subsidence caused it to be blocked off and pulled down.

The cells, part of the detention area have not been used for their intended purpose for many years, with prisoners being held at larger stations such as Basildon or Rayleigh.

Security has been improved and strengthened with the changing times, when these plans were drawn up vehicles had free access to the rear of the building.

South Benfleet Police Station – 2011

The future of the High Road station is according to the ‘Standard’ newspaper dated 17th December 2010 ‘under review… the CID unit has already moved to a Rayleigh base.’ We will just have to wait and see what will happen.

‘Standard Newspaper’ Friday 6th July 2012

Police agree to sell off axed stations

“Police stations closed in £42 million cost-cutting plans can now be sold off.

Essex Police Authority’s finance and audit committee approved the sales of nine police stations and 11 other other buildings owned by the force.

The sales,which include stations in Rochford, South Benfleet and Hadleigh, are estimated to raise £4.6 million for the force.

Chief Constable Jim Barker-McCardle said during the meeting: ‘We can’t escape the fact the proposals do make significant financial savings.

“Where there is local funding, such as partner-funding PCSOs, it is not proposed these buildings are disposed of until these officers have been relocated in another suitable local building.”

Benfleet police station 2011
Margaret March
Standard Newspaper Friday 6th July 2012
Standard Newspaper
Original plans of Benfleet Police Station High Road. The parade room was on the first floor above the oil storage and garage area.
Essex Police
Front and rear aspect of the police ststion
Essex Police
Upstairs plans
Essex Police
Plan date 1957
Essex Police

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  • 28th May 2018
    The Police station closed a while back. Plans have been submitted for blocks of flats to be built on the site. The site has been screened off and is awaiting demolition.

    By Margaret March (28/05/2018)
  • I served at this station from 1967 until about 1973. I worked with Arthur for a short while and remember him as a Sergeant who kept order in the town with Bill Whalley, and Ken Sharpley, who were also Sergeants. Hooliganism was not allowed in those days!!!

    By Martin Hayhurst (29/03/2011)
  • I lived in the house on the right of the police station with my wife Joan during 1976. I may have been the last occupant. I was the station officer there from its opening until I moved to Upminster in 1960.

    I also lived in one of the police houses at Cemetery Corner (3 Benfleet Park Road) with Joan and my two children, Martin & Diane, from 1955 to 1960 with the old police station next door. (The period throughout the House Boat Twins Murder investigation)

    By Arthur Norris (03/03/2011)

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