Appleton early 1970s

Can you put names to any of the pupils in these photos?

Appleton kids (probably 1972)
Ian Lipscomb
Courtesy Mike Hobday archives
Courtesy Mike Hobday archives
Photo Mike Hobday

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  • I remember the Lucazeks. They went to Holy Family with me I think and there was a sister called Laura, my age.

    I started at Appleton in ’69. Was in all the sports teams. Captained the girls hockey team.

    Mr Edmondson was my first form tutor. He would swear at us in swahili and throw the blackboard rubber at us. His wife taught us domestic science. I used to get so bored in her class as I did all the cooking at home owing to not having a mum.

    Mrs Neale was the needle work teacher.
    Mrs Crimes for music, I learnt so much from her.
    Mrs Mills for English, in her short skirts and matching shoes, earnings and lipstick. Loved her.
    Mr Steer for geography, and woe betide if you hadn’t done homework.
    Miss Cushing for drama.
    Mr Reading, for history, who one lesson climbed on the tables and walked across the pretending to be an elephant. Telljng us about how Hanibal crossed the Alps. Good lesson.
    If any one seeing this post has any photos from between 69/75 I’d love to see them…

    By Christine James (was Russell). (25/04/2020)
  • Mike Hobday took these photos in his last days at Appleton School 1972. The photo quality reflects the Woolworth’s camera he used. The results however are priceless!
    Some of the names remembered are: Lesley Dray, Michael? Barrett, Steve Jenkins, Steve Ives, Brian Hicks, Chris Lukasek, Julia Martin. The balding teacher is Mr Webster (typing Webster as opposed to the far more scary History Webster).

    By Ian Lipscomb (21/01/2020)

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