Appleton School 1982

Class picture

Appleton School class 4J 1982/3 Back Row: Laurence Edney, David Donovan, Trevor Cowan, David Dunk, Paul Dance, Karl Dorn, Andrew Dee, Dean Edwards, Gary Crow Middle: Kevin Nelson, Malcom Curry, Trevor Bundy, Helen Donner, Maria Crouch, Maria Collier, Dawn Cousins, Sonia Clark, Tracey Gill, Richard Dyer Front: Janice Baxter, Lisa Catanach, Tracey Catling, Anne Casey, Mrs Brown (subsequently McKenney), Mr Adams, Melanie Clay, Clair Crocket, Samantha House
Trevor Cowan

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  • I was at Appleton, around this time. My best recollection was Mr Schular (spelling) who taught us Sociology. Names from the past Jason Shields, Mel Brown, Nichola Lucas, Matt Alden etc. A lifetime ago.

    By Jason (04/02/2024)
  • We all look so young, maybe we need a reunion. I would love to know what everyone is up to😍

    By Trevor bundy (24/11/2023)
  • Dear Lynda,

    Thank you for sending your memories, which I have added to the site.

    Kind Regards,
    Pamela J. Bird-Gaines

    By Pamela Gaines (11/09/2023)
  • I was in form 5M in 1982/83. I can recognise a few of the pupils in this photograph, and I fondly remember Mr. Adams and Mrs Lightfoot who were always kind and helpful. My form tutor was Mrs Summerford , she taught maths do you remember her? I loved my time here, and am enjoying the memories.

    By Mrs Lynda Morgan (Thomas) (10/09/2023)
  • Goodness, just stumbled on this. Friends from my year too. I was in L. Form tutor, Mr Lee. Mr Adams in this photo was one of the best teachers in the school and head of our year. Appleton was a good school for music drama and sport. I went on to graduate in music and drama. Michael Braithwaite commenting before me, I see, was a friend of mine. Hi!

    By Julie Fountain (29/07/2018)
  • I was in Mrs Lightfoot’s form.

    By Robert Mitchell (20/07/2018)
  • This was my era remember a few names can’t believe it was so long ago

    By Robert mitchell (18/07/2018)
  • My era but was in H form. Wish there was more pics like this, still I remembered many of the faces even though they were not my form 🙂

    Mike Braithwaite

    By Mike Braithwaite (19/03/2018)

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