Benfleet Junior School Sports Teams - Boys 1958/59

Winners of the Benfleet Shield 1958 - 1959

Can anyone put names to some of these faces?

Also see Netball Teams Benfleet School.

Many  of the Benfleet Junior team also played for the the South East Essex District Team.

(The number in brackets represents the number of appearances)
M. Della (S. Benfleet, 1), A. Phillips (Thundersley, 5), K. Turvey (Wickford, 6), R. Howard (S. Benfleet, 6), P. Wells (Hadleigh, 6), T. Hough (S. Benfleet, 6), S. Cutlan (Rayleigh, 1), G. Lovett (S. Benfleet, 1) D. Christopher (S. Benfleet, 1), B. Reed (Capt. Rayleigh, 6), I.Tyrie (Hadleigh,2) D. Briggs (Wickford, 2) P. Moore (Rayleigh, 6) J. Peters (S. Benfleet, 1), J. Austin (Markham Chase), D. Ives Rayleigh acted as reserve for each game.

From South East Essex Primary Schools’ Sports Association handbook.

Winners of The Benfleet Shield 1958 -9, Benfleet County Junior School XI
A.J. Lewis Hadleigh taken from the South East Essex Primary Sports Association Handbook 1958 -59
1958 -59 Benfleet Winners of the Benfleet Shield.
South East Essex Primary Sports Association Handbook 1958 -59
Benfleet County Junior School XI, approx 1960's
Mrs Williams ( Nee Bass sports teacher at Benfleet school)
Benfleet Junior also won the cricket trophy.
South East Essex Primary Sports Association Handbook 1958 -59

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  • A great bunch of lads and a great teacher. If any of the team read this I hope you are keeping well
    Tony Hough.

    By Tony Hough (22/01/2023)
  • The lower picture on this page:
    back row: Dave Owens, Malcom (I think) Yaxlee, Peter Crabbe, Roger Smith, Terry Hebburn
    front row: unknown, Tony Idle , Keith Way, Colin Hart, Dave Cheeseman

    By John Peters (22/01/2019)
  • The top picture names of players:
    Back Row: Neil Newman, Dennis Gray, Mick Dellar, Mick Martin, Roy Cooper
    Front Row: Paul Whitehead, Don Christopher, Rob Howard, John Peters, Graham Lovett, Tony Hough

    trained by Mr Croughton, brilliant teacher and coach who tragically died of cancer aged 26 I believe. This team went unbeaten through the school year

    By John Peters (22/01/2019)
  • I was one of the players in the first Cricket Trophy Finals which we won at Glebe School. I didn’t think it was really all that fair though. The winners got the Trophy, which we saw for a very, very short time before we went on to our secondary schools and the losers (Glebe School) got a medal each as runners up. Even the write up seems biased?

    By Michael Reed (18/11/2013)

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