Benfleet Primary School 1965, do you recognise anybody in the photo?

Benfleet Junior school 1965


My name is Ian Gannon, it’s my understanding the photograph was taken in 1965, I would have been 7 years old, so still at primary school in  Benfleet, at the bottom of Thundersley Park Road on the High Road.

I must have joined the primary school at 5, in 1963, and moved up to the juniors in 1966, and left to attend Appleton school in 1970 – 1975. Then on to Seevic.

The person with the arrow pointed at him is Graham Newton (Wally), who sent me the photograph today.

I’m the tall boy, back row in the middle. I have been trying to remember names.

Dean Mckay is on my right.

Trevor Frith is in the bottom row, 2 in from lhs.

I wish I knew more !

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  • Hi All,

    Top row, right hand side was Mrs Joan Boyne who lived in Melcombe Ave ( bottom of South View Road, Benfleet)
    Husband, Hewie was from Cork.
    My late mother, Sheila Richings and Joan were great friends. Mum’s father was from Cork also.
    My form teaches were Mrs Goodie and then Mrs Mills at Benfleet Primary school,

    By Kimberley Frost (11/02/2024)
  • Hi Ian,

    I remember you by name (and Dean), but I wasn’t in your class. I have a feeling the photo is more recent, since it was taken in the junior school playground as far as I can make out (sorry, can’t help you with any names and don’t recognize the teacher either). Maybe 66 or 67? I don’t recall any class photos being taken in infants, only individual ones. I stand to be corrected though.


    By Martin Pachy (25/05/2023)

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