Benfleet Junior Class of 1979

Early days at school

Sylvia Wastell

5 years old and first year at school, their teacher is Mrs. Wilkins.

Do you remember any of your classmates?  They are –

1. Samantha Tyndell, 2. Debbie Coombe, 3. Richard Day, 4. Lee Cheesman, 5. Michael Newitt, 6. Robert Webb, 7. Scott Cain, 8. Claire Doe, 9.Sara Johnston, 10. Mark Usher, 11.Matthew Shears, 12. Nicholas Ahern,  13. Stephanie Wastell, 14. Mark Bates, 15. Lorraine Hanmer, 16. Christopher Rydon, 17. Alan Millard, 18. Paul Riordan, 19. Dionne Boatman, 20. Sharon Latimer, 21. Gareth Henman, 22. Victoria Biddlecomb, 23. Graham Walpole, 24. Lee Barlow, 25. Johnathan Butt, 26. Catherine Jones.

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  • I just found this site! And my picture, I’m Nick Ahern,
    I actually remember my time at school a lot, country dancing sticks in my mind!
    And Mr Stanton and his 10000000! lines for punishment.
    Lovely school, happy memories.

    By Nick Ahern (08/04/2021)

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