Benfleet Primary School Photos taken in the 1960s

Photos on display at the Launch in March 2011

Please let us know if you have any further information about these photos.

Mr Singleton's class approx. 1962
mid 1960's Angela Inwood, Carole Cundy & Kim Bartlett
Mrs Dobson's class around 1966
Date unknown

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  • Hello, I attended this school in 1969, and I recall a TV programme being made there about outside toilets in schools. It may have been by the BBC, and possibly part of the Man Alive documentary series. Does anyone else remember this ?

    Thanks for your comment, Mark. [Pam Bird Gaines -Editor]

    By Mark Smith (10/10/2023)
  • Think now I’m 2 in from third row now? Any help would be good. Always had gaberdene mac😡🤣

    By April (19/02/2021)
  • Hi I’m April (61 years old). Mr Earl was my teacher (think I’m 5 in 2nd row. Nice thick hair and quite pretty I realise now 😆). Didn’t have the happiest home life but Mr Earl was always kind and was great fun. I look bloody miserable in photo though. Any enlightenment greatly appreciated.

    By April (15/02/2021)
  • Hi I’m Jacqueline (Jacqui) Rowing and my best friend was Annette Carr. Anyone remember me? I was in Mrs Dobson’s class but I’m not in the picture? Maybe I was off school that day.
    I went to piano lessons with Jenny Smith who became my best friend at Appleton. I’d love to hear from her.
    My sister Ena Rowing I think is in the top picture 2nd row up from the bottom, 3rd in from the left.

    By Jacqui Oakley nee Rowing (10/02/2021)
  • Whoops! Sorry Jenny, I do remember.
    As I said, I was senile then and I’m even older now.

    By Steven Heath (28/09/2020)
  • Sorry but 3rd row is:
    Gerald Robson, Shen Sabri, Jill Sabri, Deborah Leigh, Lynn Ward, Julia Watson, Nicola Shorey, Julie Thornton, Lorraine Smith, JENNIFER SMITH, Claire Yarham, Keith “Cecil Bird” Dixon.
    That was ME !
    Fantastic to see all the old faces!
    Jenny D (nee Smith)

    By Jennifer Davies (18/05/2019)
  • The photo marked date unkown is of Mr Earl’s class, possibly 1965. I’m in the front row, third from right , Janet Rutter (now Janet Curl).
    Back row, from right- 2nd John Penny, 4th Philip Budd, 5th Valerie Graves, 7th Christine While
    2nd row from back, from right-4th Julie Stripe, 8th Marcia Wasps, 12th Paul Nicholls
    3rd row from back, from right-4th 3rd Tony Boater, 4th Mark Beaumont, 7th Janet Turnidge, 10th John O’Keefe
    Front row, from right-4th 2nd Janet Gill, 3rd Janet Rutter, 8th Paul Spong

    By Janet Rutter (now Janet Curl) (13/10/2018)
  • Hi – the last photo was taken either 1965 or 1966 (we all left for Appleton in 1967). I’m in the third row and remember this being taken very well! A lot of happy memories!

    By Christine Green (nee Whittingham) (01/09/2017)
  • Well this is a very interesting website.  I am in the photo of Mrs Dobson’s class, taken in the boy’s playground in Summer 1966.  Steve Heath has given chapter and verse on the class list and is spot on.  Steve lived in Kings Road at the time and was a friend of mine, I remember his garden had a tree house and backed on to the Golf Course. Andrew Masson was another mate at this time and I remember playing in the garden of Dr Tyndall’s large house with Andy, I think the doctor was his uncle? Mrs Dobson’s class was in a mobile classroom in the playground at this time, I remember Clive Dobson well too.  I can still recall plenty of anecdotes about most of my classmates and am still in regular contact with Mike Hobday.  I remember Mr Woods very well, particularly him reading to us from Winnie the Pooh.  He could do all the voices and would certainly have me crying with laughter.  I remember him carrying a pocket knife for sharpening pencils.  If you needed your pencil sharpening and put your hand up to ask ‘Would you sharpen my pencil’ he would look at you, take out his pocket-knife and say ‘ Sharpen your pencil? I would cut your throat for tuppence.’

    Mr Seager was our first teacher in 1A, later we had Mr Middleton in 3A and finally Mr Farrell in 4A. I rember Mrs Boyne who was the Netball teacher and Music teacher.  I too remember Mrs Burns teaching us French in her larger than normal classroom.  Mrs Burns also read to us, ‘Five Children and It’ if I recall correctly. Mr Macreadie was the caretaker and would drag the milk cart along the corridors to deliver the milk to each class.  Stamping the foil top with a puncher and putting the waxy straws in the holes was the most brilliant job ever, apart from being trusted to use the pencil sharpening machine clamped to the teacher’s desk.  I remember all trooping into Mrs Boyne’s class to watch the launch of the QE2 on the great big B & W TV set. I could go on for hours but best wishes to all in the photo, I still have my copy. Great Days

    By Ian Lipscomb (07/11/2016)
  • Hi, I’m Carol Barrett (now Barnett), top picture, second row down, far right (patterned jumper). Third from the right, same row, Barbara Groves. Also in that picture, top row, 4th along from the left, is June Brooks. Third row down second left Jill Murray. Bottom row from the left Peter Rand (?), Brian Havis, Steven Seaman.


    By Carol Barnett (19/01/2016)
  • Thank you so much for putting this up! I haven’t got this photo! I had just joined the school as we had moved down from West Yorkshire and we left Benfleet in 1972 when I was at Appleton. Can you believe how large the classes were then? I remember Mrs Dobson and Clive well – Does anyone know where he is now?

    By Jacqui Reilly (nee Foy) (24/03/2013)
  • Hi, I am Andy Fisher top picture bang in the middle of the second row from the bottom. I still know some of the kids in the picture. I would say it’s more like 1964.

    By Andrew Fisher (23/11/2012)
  • It’s Clive Dobson, not Keith.

    By Steven Heath (20/02/2012)
  • As you were. It’s Jackie Hanson. Senility is a terrible thing.

    By Steven Heath (25/01/2012)
  • Erratum re: my previous comment for 2nd Row, 6th from left should read SUSAN Hanson

    By Steven Heath (24/01/2012)
  • Mrs Dobson’s class (2a) would have been the summer of 1966. Back Row: Patricia Baker, Trevor Curtis, Sandra Aspland, Marilyn Day, Paul Carter, Barry Dedross, Simon “Dot” Watson, Susan Cox, Karen Franklin, ME, Karen Edermaneger (sp?), Mrs Dobson.

    Third Row: Gerald Robson, Shen Sabri, Jill Sabri, Deborah Leigh, Lynn Ward, Julia Watson, Nicola Shorey, Julie Thornton, Lorraine Smith, Jacqueline Smith, Claire Yarham, Keith “Cecil Bird” Dixon. 

    Second Row: Martin Park, Jeremy Clarke, Jacqueline Mountain, Jacqueline Foy, Josephine Windsor, Jacqueline Hanson, Lynetthe Vigors, Susan Joyce, Michael Hobday, Brian Leach, Robert Gray. 

    Front Row: Keith Harding, Neal ?, Ian Lipscomb, Raymond Phillips, Andrew Masson, Martin Pachy, Keith Dobson (Mrs Dobson’s little boy), Christopher Cooper, David Markham.

    By Steven Heath (23/01/2012)

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