Benfleet School 1936 and 1939 - 1940

Pictures from Paddy Marrison

Some names have been suggested for some of the pupils in these two photos. Can you help us and provide any further information?

Benfleet School Classroom 1936 - John Marrison, Peter Light, Jack Phillips, Betty Rivett, ? Brown, Albert Hurst.
Jean Adams
Benfleet Junior School 1939-1940 Back Row: Keith Row, Alan Haynes, Dennis Hemp, Roy Archer, John Lewis, - , Bobby Price. 2nd Row: Peter Palfrey, - , Cathleen? , - , Wilkins, Shirley McCarthy, -  , Jean Argent,  Averill Lovett,  Barbara Brazier, Margaret Boston, Edna Cloke. 3rd Row: Joy Easton, Cathleen Wood, Pat Eliot, Joan Hurst, Elsie Carswell, -, - , Jenifer Punt, Paddy Fisher. Front Row: - , -, Derek Sandwich, - , - ,  ? Lovett, - , ? Ferguson. Little boy: Albert Brown
Paddy Marrison

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  • There is a girl named Jenifer Punt in this photo. Is it possible that she was the daughter of a Mrs Punt who taught my mother at the school during her days there, sometime between 1933 – 1941?
    Mrs Punt’s name came up again years later when the same lady became the needlework teacher at the new Appleton School on Croft Road in 1966! So she had apparently taught two generations of Benfleet children! She was an older lady by that time but did bear a resemblance to the girl in this photo.

    By Pavia Antonas (nee Thomas) (24/07/2022)
  • Further to the above comment about my Mum, Betty Finck, she was the Daughter of Lionel Rivett pictured far right in the page Benfleet Urban District Council 1929 – 1930. I believe he was also the Local Bank manager.

    By Will Finck (15/04/2013)
  • In the “Benfleet School Classroom 1936” photo, Betty Rivett is the girl on the left of the centre row, nearest the camera. I can tell that because she looks the spitting image of my sister at the same age. Her brother was Dereck Rivett who is featured on the War casualties section of this site.

    By Will Finck (14/04/2013)
  • My brother, Peter Light, is the fourth child from the left seated in the middle row next to the boy in the dark jersey. I think Peter Place and Brian Pope would have been in that class too. Can anyone tell me which boys they could be? 

    By Betty Turpin (20/02/2013)
  • In the 1936 photo, my mother (Jean Adams ) is standing 7th from the left in the back row.

    By Simon Watson (26/03/2012)
  • It is possible that Dennis Hemp in above picture should be Dennis Kemp .

    By David Cowan (05/03/2012)
  • In the photo 1936 classroom could the name Joy Easton be actually Joy Eason? She was my aunt and would have been about 5 in this photo.

    By Denise Neale (21/02/2012)

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