Leaving Benfleet Primary School in 1969

Before The Advent of Social Media

Autograph Book v. Social Media Account

In the days before social media the in thing to do when you were leaving your school was to take along an autograph book at the end of term. Teachers and class mates were encouraged to write you a message which you could keep as a lasting memory of them and the part they played in your school days.

Today, many of the generation who attended primary and secondary schools in the 1960s to 1980s, still have these books in their possession.

Nowadays, with all the technical advances that have been made, the younger generation have no need of these books, their memories of their friends and school days, all available on social media pages.

The scans below are from the autograph book of Stephanie Sands, who attended Benfleet Primary School in the 1960s. The signatures in the book are of the teachers and classmates at that time.  Stephanie left in July 1969 to go up to Appleton School.

Having looked at our site Stephanie could only find mention of Mrs Boyne and Mrs Burns who were both teachers and classmate Carole Cundy.

If you have read through this page, perhaps it’s because you saw a name you recognised and therefore it’s possible that you signed Stephanie’s book!


Stephanie File

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  • Just seen this page. So many names I remember. It brought a smile to my face, and so many memories of Benfleet juniors (and infants). My surname was Brooks.

    By Shirley Farmer (22/08/2019)

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