Jotmans Hall Primary School 1978 -79

Class picture and football team

Jotmans Hall School Class 9G 1979 Back Row : Mr Groom, Sean Thompson, Tracy Warner, David Veal, Jane Moor, Adrian Boyce, Russell Winters, Joanne ?, Jane Baldwin, Heather Cummins Middle Row : Dawn Cousins, MArtin Haggerty, Darren O'Grady, Trevor Cowan, Clare Souligny, Patrick Russell-Mott, Julie Gowlett, Jane Shaw, Neil Sharp, James Brunt, Sarah Chudley, Lucy Crawley Front Row : Paul Drewer, Simon Denton, Steve Reynolds, Stephen Ford, Alan Spurge, Ian Holmes, Heather ?, Gina Hawkins, Penny Black, Susan Sturton, Jane ?
Trevor Cowan
Jotmans Hall School Football Team 1979 Back Row standing : Mr Calane, Steve Reynolds, Chris Sherring, Trevor Cowan, Daniel Walker, Neil Sharp, Dean Edwards, Ian Holmes, Phillip Hubbard Front Row sitting : Alan Spurge, James Brunt, Brett Megran, Paul Mitchel, Martin Haggerty, Peter Gikas
Trevor Cowan

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  • I was one of the first pupils when Jotmans opened ,along with Cathy Huggins, Lisa Parr, Pamela Binks, Susan Flood and others. We were in Mr Carlane’s class, for the three years (I think) that we were there. I have very fond memories of my time there, so simple ,so relaxed. Mrs Hone was the Head Mistress, the Music teacher was Mr Groom. I can also remember Mrs Wright and Mrs Catt, the Secretary. As we grew ,the school grew too, it was a good experience. I believe it must be coming up to its 50th anniversary soon, not sure, may have missed it. I still have articles from the echo about certain events and milestones there, just need to find them! Would be nice if anyone else has the same memories of this time.

    By Emma Hart (29/06/2023)
  • Hi. Does anyone remember Mrs Germanicos ? She was a teacher at Jotmans. My parents were her neighbours. I was at Appleton school in late 70s and early 80s


    By Jenna Walden (01/02/2022)
  • Hello! I was at Jotmans Hall at the same time but not in this class. As I remember it for a while we had classes where 2 year groups were mixed, for example here where there are children from my year such as Darren O’Grady, Susan Sturton and Heather Cummins along with children from the year above. 

    A couple of the names you didn’t have: It’s Helen Simpkins in the front row next to Ian Holmes and I think it is Julie Seales at the end of the front row. It’s Mr Carlane and I think it’s Clare Suglini. Hope that helps a bit?! Lots of people there I hadn’t heard of for a very long time! I have our class photo from that year (I was in Mrs Bradly’s class: 8B I think it was called. I’ll have to find it and upload it. Oh yes, just remembered another one. It is Martin Hubbard at the far right of the back row in the football team picture.

    Best wishes Lorna (nee Edwards)

    By Lorna Edwards (19/05/2013)

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