Find Willy Harris

We have started a group of us who were at King John in the late 50s and early 60s and meet regularly at the Zach Willsher pub in Benfleet.  I have put various sports photos on the site, specifically a rugby sevens photo which featured Willy Harris and we are trying to trace him to join us in our meetings.
There is also a rugby team photo on the site outside the boys gym with Fritz in 1961/2 and we managed to get 10 of the 15 players in the photo to be in the Zach all together on one occasion. Attached photo of the first meeting in the Zach with (standing) Geoff Wall, Dick Collie, Roger Taylor, Fred Simpkins, Tony Herring, Doug Wilson, (sitting) Roy Willis, Alan Eaton, Ray Norton and the latest one with Merlin Dexter, (came up from the west country), Laurence Howard (came over from Spain) and Doug Wilson (walked round the corner to the pub!)
So if anybody looking at the site has any information as to where Willy is, then please contact me 01268565581 Roger Taylor.

Our first meeting at the Zac
Roger Taylor
Doug, Laurence and Merlin
Roger Taylor

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  • Well in my defence I would say that there is no Bus that runs from my house to the Zach. Plus the nearest bus stop is as far away as the Zach (well nearly) I cannot afford to get a cab and I am most certainly not going to Jog, So you see Walking is the most convenient and practical way for me to travel from my home to the Zach.

    By Douglas Wilson (10/12/2019)

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