King John School 1961 - 1964

I was at King John school from 1961-1964 and was in Miss Miller’s class, then Mr Ascroft, Mr Richard Oates and lastly 4EX2 was Mr Lambourne. Mr Oates was every girls favourite, he was supposed to have been teaching French but he used to get our “Boyfriend” magazine/comics and read them using his acting skills and used to  have us in fits of laughter, needless to say we didn’t learn too much French that year. All the girls were in love with him and all reckoned they were going to marry him.

How we used to avoid cross-country

PE was a highlight, we used to hate cross-country, they used to run out through the girls cloakroom and onto the playground and out. Wherever they went we don’t know, we used to take a detour through the toilets but not out the other side where there was an entrance to the playground. We used to run into a toilet and stand on it looking out the top window for them to all come back, then we’d splash our faces with water and run back in, breathless with the rest of the class, just dampen our towels so they thought we had a shower, used to hate the showers too.

The pictures are of my friends/class and some of the PE teachers outside the boys gym, unfortunately don’t remember the names but one was Jean. The other is of Mr Oates, (swoon).

Some of Janice's fellow pupils outside the boys gym
Janice Anderson
Some of Janice's fellow pupils outside the boys gym
Janice Anderson
Some of Janice's friends outside the boys gym
Janice Anderson
Mr Oates outside the boys gym
Janice Anderson

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  • I lived at 14 Church Road and was at King John school , I left school in 1964 I was in the football team run by Mr Ashton I recognise some of the names mentioned.

    By Ian Beveridge (22/12/2022)
  • I went to the school for a short period in 1963/64. I lived in Church Road, Thundersley.
    Names I do remember were Alan Dorking, Robert Lazell, Angela Moody and a Pat ???
    Doubt if anyone would remember me.

    By Paul Rees (25/09/2022)
  • Janice we were friends at school that’s Malcolm Ponds in the back left row, Beatle haircut.

    By Lorraine (Graham) Mitchell (10/03/2018)
  • I was in Miss. Miller’s, Mr. Ashcroft’s and Mr. Richard Oates classes but in my final year I was in Mr. Grocott’s class. I started on the 6th September 1960 and left in July 1964. Thanks for the photo of Mr. Oates, Janice. Were we ever in the same class? Has anyone got any photos of the other teachers mentioned?

    By Carol Powley nee Southward (16/08/2012)

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