King John School 1964/65

1964/65 Is this a Photo of the 5th Form?

Pupils and Staff assemble in the Theatre

I can remember quite a few names from this photo – too many to list! I think it was the 5th form in about 1964 or 1965.

This may be the 5th form - taken 1964/65
Celia Drew

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  • I think I recognise one person in this photo, 7th from the left, front row, blond hair with glasses, looks like Caroline Jackson who would have been in the same year as myself….1961-1966…

    Ps…Looking closer it is possible that the girl sitting next to her (8th from left) is her friend Ann Cameron…

    Any chance you could add a few more names to this post?

    By Michael Souter (27/02/2018)

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