King John School Group Photos

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If you can help us with any further information on these photos please contact us via the comments section at the foot of this page.  Perhaps you can name some of the pupils!

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  • I believe the photo labelled “King John School date unknown” is 1965. I recognize myself and classmates and it looks like our first year at King John. There are many of the same students in a photo on a King John site titled the “Class of 1970”.
    Seated in the second row from the front is Donna and beside her, myself. In the same row and behind Mr. Blaker is Christine, I believe

    By Linda Lauder ( nee Johnson) (01/11/2019)
  • I think the teacher was Mr. Blaker and the picture was taken outsie “the huts”

    By Robert Scott (13/02/2019)
  • I lived in Benfleet from about 1954 to 1966 and it would be interesting to see photos.

    Editor: This link will take you to other pages on The King John School.

    By Jean Chapman (14/08/2014)
  • Although I didn’t go to King John School, I recognise several people in this picture so it’s probably about 1965. Rear row: unknown, Lorraine Duncan, unknown, Jean Palmer, Jane Taylor, unknown.

    By Denise Neale (11/10/2011)

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