King John school 'Hotrods'

The Hotrods group
Pat White

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  • Great to actually hear from Lou Phillips! It was a little bit well known I had a crush on both Lou and Mick. Listening to their concerts in the lunch break was the highlight of going to King John School! I was a happy school girl when I heard them play. Good music and good looks. After about sixty years I can actually admit it as they never knew of course

    By Carol Powley[Southward] (01/12/2022)
  • Hi Pat, Louis Phillips here, ex Hotrods drummer! Great photo, never seen that one before. I remember you well and I’m impressed how much info. you have posted. I did go to Africa to work on a Zambian copper mine for a few years. I loved my time at KJS and gained so much life experience, if few qualifications!
    The Hotrods personnel (just for the record) are, L-R
    Dave Miller, Mick Dart, Andy Gates(cuddling Laura Green),me, Adrian Chapman. Impressed with girl admirers!

    By Louis Phillips (28/11/2022)
  • Hi Carol
    The girls in the picture are, left to right, Gay O’reagan, Laura Green, me (behind Louis Phillips) and I believe Sue (can’t remember the surname). We did sing a few songs but it was mostly the boys playing Shadows music. I believe there was mention on another article that Lou Phillips was working in Africa, but know no more and Mick Dart moved out of the Benfleet area I understand.

    By Pat White (nee King) (01/06/2021)
  • Thanks for posting the photo of my school crush, The Hotrods. I must admit I don’t remember there being girl singers in the group. I only remember them playing The Shadows music (especially Apache and I think the Ventures, Walk Don’t Run). Are you one of the girls in the picture, Pat? I remember hearing Mick Dart was engaged or married to a girl called Brenda Dawson. Is she one of those in the picture? Do you know anything about Mick and Lou? What careers did they go on to have and did they stay in the area?

    By Carol Powley[Southward] (09/05/2021)

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