King John School visit to Interlaken, Switzerland (1966)

Did anyone go on this school trip during the summer of 1966?

It must have been after England’s victory in the 1966 World Cup (30th
July) because I remember we gave some German boys a bit of stick as
their national team had lost.

It was a long journey initially by coach (I think), then ferry, and
finally train. We didn’t get any sleep for 36 hours, and I can remember
we put one of the Beasley twins into the over-head luggage rack to make
more space on the night train (was it David or Peter?).

I remember a funny incident involving Richard Coleman and Mr Langloise
on a boat trip across a Swiss lake. We were looking over the side of the
boat at the fab scenery. I remember Mark Stuart had his granny’s
super-duper movie camera, while Richard had a simple cheap film camera,
the type that had a wide angle lens and made everything look miles away.

Richard was slowly turning around looking for a good shot, until he was
facing the other way, across the boat. Now, in his view-finder, was the
back view of Mr Langloise who appeared to be at least 30 feet away. “Get
out the way Langloise you (expletive deleted)”, said Richard.

Mr Langloise slowly turned to face Richard. Richard lowered his
Instamatic from his eye and looked horrified to find that the
aforementioned teacher was in fact only 8 feet away… He was that
close, he could have reached out and clipped Richard around the ear. But
he just gave him a short talking to, while Richard examined his camera,
as if he had just discovered a terrible fault with it.

We laughed like drains about that for weeks, possibly months later.

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