King John School 1965 - 1969

Leavers Class of 1969 (1965-69)

Hello everyone, our year left in 1969 so we have decided to hold a reunion in 2018 at the Leigh Community Centre, the last one was held 30 years ago.

We so far have an organising group of TREVOR LAW, DAVID GIBSON, GARY GIMSON, BARRY HOWARD and myself.  We are having problems tracing the ladies of this year so any help would be greatly appreciated.  Please feel free to drop me an e-mail to and I will be happy to chat …let the good times roll!

Another Reunion Coming up in 2019

We are repeating the CLASS OF ’69 this year in LEIGH-ON-SEA. On FRIDAY 29TH MARCH, 2019.

Benfleet Secondary School, now King John School
Aerial view of King John School
Edward Clack

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  • The King John School 1965 – 1970. Perhaps a reunion?

    I attended King John from 1965 to the summer of 1970 and my word haven’t the years flown ! We were a smaller year in numbers as The Appleton School opened in 1965 reducing both schools numbers. I think we had a good bunch of pupils and looking back I remember so many faces with affection. I see few people from school these days but wondered if anybody out there would be interested in a get together this year 2019….Hope to hear from you!

    By JEFF ROSSITER (30/04/2019)
  • Former pupils who left KJS in 1968 and 1969 needed.
    We are repeating the CLASS OF ’69 – On FRIDAY 29TH MARCH, 2019.

    By Eileen Gamble (20/02/2019)
  • We are repeating the CLASS OF ’69 this year in LEIGH-ON-SEA please contact myself. On FRIDAY 29TH MARCH, 2019.

    By neil harding (14/01/2019)

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