Memories of King John, class 5EX2, about 1966

A school trip to London and in the science lab

My husband Vince Horsman was at King John from 1962 to 1966. The photos below show a school trip to the Houses of Parliament and Whitehall in about 1966 when he was in 5EX2. Mr Ashton can be seen in the front in front of John Jenkins and next to a chuckling John Pyne. The tall chap is Nils.

The second photo is in Mr Neale’s lab also 5EX2, he believes. Back row is Hugh Macgilvray, Jane Ballard, Gregory Chambers, Brian Pooley, Susan Bailey, Cheryl Goodey, Robert Scott, Pamela Tree, Janice Wragg and Janice Croisette. Front row is Pamela, Bryce, Brenda Stedman, Don Mitchell, Vince Horsman and Douglas Coppin.
Vince believes this would also have been 1966. We live in Braintree, North Essex and Vince would be interested in if any reunions are planned or any of his old classmates ever meet up.

King John School class 5EX2 c.1966 when visiting Houses of Parliament and Whitehall
Class 5EX2 in Mr. Neale's lab

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  • Harry Ashton was a great history teacher. I still remember his lessons on the Zulu Wars when he would use the window pole as an assaggai ( Zulu spear) and stamp his feet chanting some war cry. Amazing! I remember sitting there thinking this guy gets paid to do this! I thought , I will be a teacher , which I did eventually ,rising to the dizzy heights of headteacher. A great school.
    Mike Joyce 1962 -67.


    By Mike Joyce (11/04/2020)
  • I can still remember the visit to Parliament. I am between Nils and John Jenkins. Good idea to have a reunion.

    By Arthur Taylor (16/10/2018)
  • Hi Michael, Robert, Don and Lorraine, it would be great to meet up with you all. I would love to see any photos you have such as me on the tomb, not in it yet! Also photos of yourselves would help. You can always message me on Facebook via my wife, Sue Horsman’s page. Cheers Vince

    By Vince Horsman (29/03/2018)
  • I so wish my memory was better, this site is helping somewhat and I immediately recognised the name, shame there are no photos of you on here Robert …

    By Michael Souter (23/03/2018)
  • Great to see these memories. Unfortunately I was not in these photos but remember all the people. Be lovely to organise a reunion.

    By Robert Bellenie (19/03/2018)
  • Hi, Vincent was in my class for a while and am sure he was friends with Peter Biddle, we also have photos of that time in London, Vincent laying down on some tomb! I am married to Don Mitchell.

    By Lorraine (Graham) Mitchell (10/03/2018)

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