Rushbottom Lane Primary School

Coronation Celebration 1953

The photo below was taken at Rushbottom Lane Primary School in June 1953. I am the one dressed as a beefeater in the front row (I had just turned 3 at the time).

Clive Fabb and his Mum Rita are on the end, with Clive wearing the Union Jack Hat. They lived at 46 Church Road and I lived at 40. Rita is still alive and living with her daughter Wendy near Brentwood.

Coronation Celebration 1953 held at Rushbottom Lane Primary School
Pete Renaut
Rushbottom Lane Primary School

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  • I went to New Thundersley in 1953-1959 then onto King John’s Secondary. My teachers were also Miss Atkins, Mr Browning, Miss Martin was my first and
    Miss Wilson was headmistress. I wish we could find a photo of the school as it was then.

    By Janice Anderson nee Batchford (17/09/2020)
  • I went to New Thundersley from 1953 September till I went to King Johns 1961. Saw a comment from Neil Hambridge and a reference to Tony Jones, did his Dad have a sweet shop, we were in the same class. Please feel free to make contact anytime.

    By Lorraine (Graham) Mitchell (26/07/2018)
  • Some names in this article and others that I remember.
    I was born in 1949 so I guess I started in 53 or 54.
    My first teacher was Miss Martin who I fell in love with completely. Later teachers were Mrs Griffiths, Miss Adkins and a couple whose names I have forgotten. One was quite a bible basher who put the fear of God in me by expounding the Biblical end of the world!! I think I was six or seven. Still in contact with James Easter and Tony Jones.

    By Neal Hambridge (28/06/2018)
  • I attended Rushbottom Lane around 1964 and then went to Kents Hill Junior. The teacher I remember is Mrs Murrant who was very kind. I also remember I was happy there.

    By Trevor redburn (13/01/2018)
  • I started school here in 1959 and generally have some great memories. I believe my first teacher was a Miss Hopestone and I remember Mrs Martin and Mrs Griffiths who taught me loads eventually finishing my final year at NTCPS in Miss Adkins class. I was pretty good at running as a lad and won the District too a couple of times. Halcyon days, the unmade Rushbottom Lane and the freedom of the (wreck) park and surrounding area. I lived just off Church Road – Chancel Close.

    By JEFF ROSSITER (10/12/2015)
  • I attended Thundersley primary school from1947, but spent 2yrs in Germany until 1950. I remember Miss Wildon and Miss Adkins, my first teacher was Miss Hood. I appear in the Coronation picture as a bride! 

    By Sylvia Y Hopkins nee Baptist (11/11/2015)

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