Thundersley Primary School 1955

Photo Gallery 1955

These photos were all taken in 1955 at Thundersley Primary School, Dark Lane.  If you attended the school in 1955 and have some memories you would like to share, please let us know via the add a comment link at the bottom of this page.  See further pages on this school.

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Photo 1)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 2)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 3)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 4)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 5)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 6)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 7)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 8)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 9)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 10)
Thundersley Primary School

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  • Photo 5 This was taken outside the art room.
    I am the back row one in from the right. I did not have a blazer as my parents could not afford it so always had a jersey, until I attended King John Secondary school when I got a second hand blazer cut down from a girl who had left! I was very proud of it.

    By Charles Summers (Charlie). (25/01/2023)
  • Photo 4,
    Back row 3rd from the right Sandra Turner and myself Valerie Richardson back row 2nd from the left, we are cousins. 5th from left back row I think is Heather?
    Photo 10
    Back row from left
    Michael Howard or Harvey 2, Scotty 3, Peter Adams 6, Michael Bamber 7.

    By Valerie Adams. nee Richardson (09/11/2020)
  • Thank you for posting all these great class photos, sadly not of my class but I found my Sister, Denise in one, photo 2, 3rd row left on end and I am sure Mick Wall, photo 6, front row left on end…

    By Michael Souter (27/02/2018)
  • Hi Denise. long time no see. You were the last young lady from Thundersley that I had contact with the night before I left for Canada and the first woman for me to chat with since I started trying to contact some of the old group. Thank you as you have just brought it full circle for me.

    I am still in Canada and am married with one son and one grandson. I am also retired and spend a lot of time on the Internet trying to track down some of the old group. Eddie and I are now chatting via email and he is updating me on how things have changed and how I have forgotten a lot of people and places.

    Take care of yourself and as I said earlier contact me via email and we will chat further.


    By George Whitehead (11/07/2017)
  • Hi George and Edward. Hasn’t time gone quickly. I am living in St Osyth near Clacton now. I have 2 sons and 4 grandchildren. I visit Thundersley fairly regularly as my parents are in Thundersley Churchyard. Hope all has gone well with you. I remember the park. Were we there together when the school had the fire?

    By Denise Davies (10/07/2017)
  • Hi Denise, I remember when we all use to meet over the park.   I see Mary Watson, Philip Muller, Ken Despy, Dave Wall, Alan Ryan, were all in your class. I am in Picture 5 far right second row down, a year older than you.

    By Edward Tustain (23/06/2017)
  • WOW….Denise Souter, nice to see that you are still around and checking out this site. I left my email address above for Eddie and the same applies for you. If you wish to email me we can talk about old times and how life has treated us.

    Take care of yourself and once again nice to know that you are online.


    By George Whitehead (06/06/2017)
  • Hi Eddie. I was Denise Souter from Hart Road. Moved away 1967 to Clacton. My brother Mick lives in Braintree and my young brother Bryan lives near me now.

    By Denise Davies (05/06/2017)
  • Hello Eddie, It’s great to hear from you and to learn that some of the old group are still around.

    My email

    Drop me a line and we will chat some more.

    Take care….George.

    By George Whitehead (04/06/2017)
  • Hi George I hope you’re keeping well, we had some great times do you remember the electric shock machines. I still see some of our old friends now and again, I saw Jennifer at Christine Muller’s Birthday party. I remember Denise from Hart Rd. and do you mean Christine Mortimer who married Mouse.

    Perhaps we will meet again one day, Eddie

    By Edward Tustain (03/06/2017)
  • Photo #7, back row, 1st on the left George Whitehead.

    I attended Thundersley Primary from 1954 – 1959 then went to King John Secondary.

    The people I remember are: Denise Souter, Jennifer Darling, Christine ?, Minn ?. 

    Phil Muller, Eddie Tustain, Melvin Moore, Bob Cooling, Eddie Godfrey, Dave Wall, Malcolm Cook (Mouse), Robert Percy (Bobsy), Ian ?.

    I have a lot of great memories and visit this site frequently.

    By George Whitehead (28/05/2017)
  • Photo 9 Susan Jackson bottom row 2nd from left.

    Photo 2 me Denise Souter 3rd row I am sitting on the left at the end.

    By Denise Davies (30/01/2017)
  • In photo 10 I am sure that I am the girl with pin curled hair, 2nd row from the back and 4th from left. I’m slightly puzzled that two of we girls look very tall compared to the others, could be a simple answer to that perhaps. Anne Johnson. My brothers are Richard and David Johnson, I found a picture with Rick but so far haven’t found Dave. Good find though.

    By Annie (21/04/2015)
  • My brother Richard (Rick) is on the far right of the front row, picture 2. Now to find David somewhere, he’s the youngest of we three.

    By Annie (21/04/2015)

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