Thundersley Primary School 1957

Photo Gallery 1957

These photos were all taken in 1957 at Thundersley Primary School, Dark Lane.  If you attended the school in 1957 and have some memories you would like to share, please let us know via the add a comment link at the bottom of this page. See further pages on this school.

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Photo 1)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 2)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 3)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 4)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 5)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 6)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 7)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 8)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 9)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 10)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 11)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 12)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 13)
Thundersley Primary School
Photo 14)
Thundersley Primary School

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  • I am in photo 2 second row up 5th from left
    Was Sandra Grove
    Some faces familiar but can’t remember names

    By Sandra Miller (23/10/2018)
  • Photo 5 Back row 1st from left, my brother Robert Kelly.

    By Margaret Sands (27/12/2017)
  • Hello Eddie, hope all is well at your end. I used to live on the Caravan site and we would hang around together. I have fond memories of you and your “crow” sitting on the handle bars of your bike. My name is George Whitehead and in 1964 I emigrated to Canada.

    If you get a chance contact me and we can go over all the old times together.

    Take care, George

    By George Whitehead (10/05/2017)
  • Hello Phil,  regarding photo 12, I am in the back row 2nd from the right and my twin brother David is in the 2nd row 2nd from the left.

    By Lynn Peter Sharman (18/06/2015)
  • Hi Eddie, just got back to this site after a few months, I sure remember you from our early days, we were great friends, hope life has treated you well, Phil.

    By Phil Clark (15/06/2015)
  • Hi Phil , Eddie Tustain from the caravan site. Third row back Fifth person in.

    By Edward Tustain (15/10/2014)
  • Mr Thompson photo’s 10 and 14.

    He was a ferry pilot during the war and once crashed a plane onto a frozen lake in Canada. Apparently the plane slid across the lake and ran into a snow pile. All the crew escaped unhurt. Leaving late from school one day, I found Mr T. in the ditch that ran down Dark Lane. On enquiring what he was doing he said,

    ‘Digging for worms. I’m taking my Dad fishing tomorrow(must have been a Friday). Would you like to come?” Obviously I said yes as I’d never fished before. He told me where to go and at what time. Long story short, I caught 3 Carp, he caught a cold. I’ve never caught a fish since, but have managed to get my pilots certificate, not that I’ll be flighing bombers any time soon.

    By Doug Mansfield (19/03/2014)
  • Phil,

    Third from the left (photo 12)  in the front row is Pamela Charmley (Pam Perry today).

    By Brian Charmley (14/03/2014)
  • Hi, does anybody recall names of any children in photo 12? Thanks, Phil Clark, NZ.

    By Phil Clark (30/11/2013)
  • Yes I think it is Mr. Whitehead I was in his class the following year in 1958. In 1957 I was in Miss Gray’s class so that must be her in photo no 2. I didn’t know Mr. Thompson but I had Mr. French, Mr Brown and Miss Mckrill as class teachers. Not sure who the two infant teachers I had were, might of been Miss Gulley or/and Miss Watson.

    By Carol Southward (07/11/2013)
  • Pretty sure teacher in photo 13 is Mr French.

    By Denise Neale (30/10/2013)
  • Yes it is Mr. French in photo 13.

    By Carol Powley nee Southward (30/10/2013)
  • I could be wrong but…….in photo 3, Mr Whitehead and photo 10 and 13 Mr Thompson ?

    By Pete Robbins (28/10/2013)
  • Can anyone put names to the teachers in photos 1,2,3,7,8,9,10,13 and 14 please?

    By Carol Powley nee Southward (27/10/2013)

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