Thundersley Primary School 1959

Photo Gallery 1959

These photos were all taken in 1959 at Thundersley Primary School, Dark Lane.  If you attended the school in 1959 and have some memories you would like to share, please let us know via the add a comment link at the bottom of this page. See further pages on this school.

Please click on the photos to enlarge the image.

Photo 1)
Thundersley School
Photo 2)
Thundersley School
Photo 3)
Thundersley School
Photo 4)
Thundersley School
Photo 5)
Thundersley School
Photo 6)
Thundersley School
Photo 7)
Thundersley School
Photo 8)
Thundersley School
Photo 9)
Thundersley School
Photo 10)
Thundersley School
Photo 11)
Thundersley School
Photo 12)
Thundersley School
Photo 13)
Thundersley School

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  • Just seen my brother Peter Fryer in photo 7. Back row second from the left.

    By Allan Fryer (01/11/2018)
  • My sister Jill Fryer is in photo no. 1 middle row second from the left and I’m in photo 5 back row 3rd from the left.
    Allan Fryer

    By Allan Fryer (24/10/2018)
  • Photo#10, Bottom row, 1st on the left George Whitehead.

    By George Whitehead (28/05/2017)
  • I remember a few names not mentioned before. Ian Phipps, Gaylyn Pickering, Valerie Whiting, Pauline Blow, Graham Standish?  I’m in photo 6 second row from top, six from left. My twin sister Penny is third row from top second from left. I’m not sure if anyone would remember me as I was a bit shy and not sure if I spoke to anyone until I was about 10 years old. lol.

    By Anthony Mace (19/01/2015)
  • Looks like Mr. French in photo 7.

    By Carol Powley nee Southward (31/10/2013)
  • Who are the two teachers in photo 1 and photo 6 please?

    By Carol Powley nee Southward (27/10/2013)

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