Thundersley Primary School 1956

Photo Gallery 1956


This photo has been provided to us by Carol Powley née Southward, who was a pupil at Thundersley School in the 1950s.

The photo gallery pages on this site provided by Thundersley School cover several years but some years are missing.  The photo below is the only one we have for 1956. If anyone can help us add more photos for this year, please contact us.

Carol’s comment sent to us with the photo reads:-

I was the girl in the back row, far right end, with the black cardigan! I hope some more people will see this website and add more photos, it’s very exciting.

Thundersley Primary School c. 1956
Carol Powley née Southward

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  • Left to right:

    Back row;1]Sarah Simpson 2]Nicola Salisbury 3]Teresa Ross 4]Janet Downing 5]Elizabeth Hillier 6]Geraldine Padfield 7]Lynn Childs 8]Geraldine Markham 9]Christine Pitaway 10]Myself,Carol Southward;

    Middle row; 1]Robert Francomb 2]Alan Whiting 3]John Kempton 4]Ronald Stevens 5]Geoffery Davies 6]Barry Flack 7]Graham Beecham 8]Keith Browning 9]Micheal Harkin 10]Robert Palmer 11]John Dennis;

    Front row; 1]Melvin Piper 2]Stephen Diggings 3]Brian Charmley 4]Shelia Allen 5]Shelia Reed 6]Rita Gates 7]Susan Jackson 8]Christine Feary 9]Rita Jones 10,Carol Wilcocks 11]Trevor Parsons 12]Malcolm Turff 13]Barry Legget

    By Carol Powley Nee Southward (01/11/2013)

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