Thundersley Primary School 1962 - 1967

Vanessa Turbefield (Née Withers)

I was at Thundersley Primary School from about 1962 to 1967 when we moved to Leigh. I had lived on the caravan park in 6th Avenue and was in the infants when the first fire occurred. Our teacher took home all our PE bags which had been covered in soot from the fire and washed each and every one – think that might have been Mrs Ball.

After that we had Mrs Cartwright who occasionally brought her young son into school and is pictured in one of our school photos. Moving into the junior school I remember having Miss Watson as she also taught my Dad – not sure if she was our class teacher, but she certainly taught me how to knit.

I did seem to get involved in some mishaps while living in Thundersley, so in some respects I was quite pleased to move even though I missed my friends and regret losing touch with them.

Vanessa Turbefield
Vanessa Turbefield
Class photo taken in 1966. Vanessa is 3rd from the right in the second row from the front.
Thundersley Primary School

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  • Strangely similar to my experience. I was at Thundersley infants school 1965-1967 and seem to remember two fires and two temporary schools — one in a make-shift old building and one in a new Hadleigh school (where we were bussed in). I only remeber two teachers (at the Hadleigh period) — Miss Vipond and Mr Davis. Then we, too, moved to Leigh in 1967!

    By martin feuchtwanger (03/03/2024)

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